Romance Books Reviews & Treats

Former psychologist now obsessed with my fave hobby:  blogging my romance-book reviews...Only contemporary romance (including New Adult romance), historical romance, and romantic suspense...WARNING: honest reviews are all I do. It's all about the book. Pleasing authors & publishers is not on my radar.


Baking gluten-free treats goes hand in hand with my romance reading. So I'll post some of these as well.

March 2016
reviewed: BOOK REVIEW: For a Good Time Call by Jessica Gadziala
**Read my FULL SPOILER-y review here. Phone-sex operator is saved from assault by her new neighbor Hero. Their sniping t...
February 2016
reviewed: REVIEW: Blackout by Rosalie Stanton
Former secretary gets caught at the elevator, after stealing an important file from the apartment of her former boss, lawyer ...
“Who hurt you?”Finn asked, his voice pitched low and coming from just behind her. She kicked at a cloud of bubbly foam. “A fr...
Get Wild. . .And Then Get Wilder. . .Accountant Katie Kramer is a quintessential good girl--working hard, recycling diligentl...
February 2016
reviewed: REVIEW: For Love Alone by Lucy Gordon
**Click for my full SPOILER-y review here. 23y.o artist can't remember anything, including the husband she married the day ...
February 2016
Oh Matt Murdock. I believe I'm developing an unhealthy obsession with his character. That thin line between Matt the lawyer a...
liked: Two endearing characters get a shot at happ...
I feel like a curmudgeon but this had such a modern bent to it. The hero and heroine's views and conversations could have bee...
reviewed: REVIEW: P.S. You're Mine by Alexa Riley
24yo plus-sized teacher writes a pen-pal letter to stranger, 37yo Marine soldier Hero. He uncharacteristically responds back...
February 2016
Hunger For Knowledge altered me to this problem with her post
This will be my third year to participate in the Back to the Classics challenge, having successfully completed it in 2014 & 2...
reviewed: REVIEW: Playing with Dynamite by Leanne Banks
30yo caterer tries to resist getting back with demolitions-expert Hero, who she just broke up with because he didn't want to ...
January 2016
reviewed: REVIEW: A Savage Adoration by Penny Jordan
25yo heroine isn't happy to see 33yo doctor Hero, 8 years after he lambasted her for trying to seduce him.His confusion at he...
December 2015
reviewed: REVIEW: Security Binds Her by Jennifer Bene
Office temp employee heroine is abducted by their office building's security guard. He forces her to be a sexual submissive f...
reviewed: REVIEW: Striking a Balance by Jennifer Bene
Office temp heroine now lives with the man who bought her from the sex-slave auction of her former trainer, the security guar...