REVIEW: Cage of Shadows by Anne Mather

19y.o heroine reluctantly agrees to go to Florida to approach 39y.o medical researcher Hero

and relay information about what he's currently doing to a publisher. In exchange, she'll get £6,000 that she needs now that she's been kicked out of the house by her stepmother and left to fend for herself financially for the first time in her life. She didn't expect be so attracted to recluse Hero and wasn't deterred by his rejection since she knew he was as attracted to her. The unexpected arrival of her stepmother, though, put an end to their new secret romance. What does her stepmother have to do with their romance?


Titillating plot and characterization with a good romance and sexual chemistry. It gave some troubling leads without pushing the envelope too much. We have a heroine who's now very attracted to the man she used to call “Uncle”, her late father's friend. Hero's 3-year isolation is shrouded in secret.** Thus, people like the publisher is willing to spend money to find out his secrets. Then, we also have heroine's stepmother, Hero's sexy housekeeper, and a mysterious man living in Hero's estate to add to the excitement. In 3 weeks, their romance receded and progressed. But by the end, things were wrapped up soundly enough.




**SPOILERS regarding Hero's secret are on my blog. Click here.