REVIEW: I Want To Hold Your Hand by Marie Force

35y.o heroine feels finally ready to move on from grieving her beloved husband's death 7 years ago.

But she's unsure about it and especially the feelings her husband's close friend, 35yo. town-mechanic Hero, makes her feel. Hero has been waiting for her the last 5 years and grabs at the chance at romance with her. Their relationship is complicated by her tangled emotions about her husband and him and keeping their romance private from the people in their small Vermont town. Heroine realizes that Hero is keeping some things private from her. Is he willing to risk his fledgling but long-awaited romance with her to hold on to his secrets?


This was an odd romance book. I couldn't figure out who the real hero was of this book and what place the romance between Hero and heroine had in the overall story.** The issues of grief and loss and how it impacted a close-knit community were written well. I just thought it overwhelmed the book and superseded the main romance. The characters were flushed out quite well. I usually don't like when the book spends a lot of time on the secondary characters. But, since the main characters in this book were unusually presented, I was drawn in to the multiple secondary characters & the hints of romance between some of them. Overall, the romance between Hero and heroine was solid and mature. They went through quite a bit of emotional entanglements in the book together and had some sexy times on the side. It made for a sweet romance but it wasn't the main focus of the book.


Mildly recommended.


**SPOILERS about the real Hero of this book is on my blog. Click here.