REVIEW: Beloved Ballerina by Roberta Leigh

23y.o ballerina didn't expect that her wedded bliss in Paris with 30y.o diplomat Hero would end when they moved to Hero's family estate.

Hero's mother ensures that her close relationship with Hero is unchanged as much as possible. And Hero does his part alloting his time between his mother and heroine. Heroine takes a stand but things occur that confirm to Hero that his mother is right. How much of his divided loyalty will heroine bear?


It may seemed over the top at times but this Leigh book had a realistic portrayal of how an enmeshed family relationship can interfere with a marriage. Hero's mother was subtly conniving so I could understand the big misunderstandings Hero and heroine had about his mother. In all of this, heroine's character was strengthened. She had to make some big sacrifices to fight for what she wanted but I had some problems with it.** Hero's character was slower to progress and it was pushed by a variety of factors. Overall, this was an interesting read and dealt with couples' issues not normally seen in Harlequin Presents. The ending was realistic and geared towards Hero and heroine's HEA(happy ever after).


Moderately recommended.


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