REVIEW: Tasting Candy by Anne Rainey

25y.o secretary has been infatuated with her boss' construction-contractor brother Hero since they 1st met months ago.

Hero decides to finally do something about his insistent hot dreams about heroine and wants to know more about her now that he saw her have a panic attack at the gym. Her honest answers don't sway his decisions about her and that's enough for her to yield to him. But the morning after has her questioning their relationship. Did he push her too soon?


Overall, a sweet and sexy novella. The long-awaited romance between the main characters' mutual infatuation with each other was wrapped up too quickly to be utterly believable and healthy. Their relationship barriers were all resolved in 2 days. And heroine had major issues that made their 2 days together seemed dysfuctional.** This book would've been much better if their coming together was extended at least a week's time. There really was no reason why it had to be all done in only 2 days.


Moderately recommended.


**A more detailed review with SPOILERS is on my blog.....