REVIEW: A Husband's Regret by Natasha Anders

28y.o heroine agrees to a marriage of convenience (MOC) with her 33y.o estranged husband Hero, after he finds her 2 years after she left him.

He wants his daughter with him and she's grateful that he does, especially since the whole reason she left him was because he told her to leave after she told him she was pregnant. His constant criticisms and blaming her for what went wrong his life makes her wonder how much she can take of their MOC. How far will he push her? What will she do if he does?


This Anders' book is like a super-sized HP (Harlequin Presents) like The Unwanted Wife. I loved the emotional wrangling of the main characters. It made their romance seem more realistic yet vastly dramatic at the same time. It was angsty and told in a non-sequential way that made it an unpredictable and nail-biting read. There's character growth and some groveling but not enough to satisfy me.** One of the best features about this book is the realistic timeline. Hero and heroine underwent changes in themselves and their romance for weeks and months. The epilogue 2 years later really helped give me a better sense of their HEA(happy ever after).


Moderately recommended.


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