REVIEW: A Flood of Sweet Fire by Sandra Marton

22y.o personal assistant nervously switches IDs with her famous celebrity heiress employer and friend on the flight to Italy.

She wants to help her boss-friend with her love life. And everything is going well so far with their scheme until her boss-friend's new family chauffeur, 34y.o Hero, abducts her by car through parts unknown in Italy. He meets her resistances with his cold demands. Yet she's still drawn to him. Finding out who he is changes things for her but it doesn't change her inability to tell him her true identity. How does he react when he finally finds out?


This Marton book read more like a romantic suspense book with an '80s HP-type Hero. He was quite rough and aggressive with heroine from the very start. He did show occasional glimpses of his softer side, especially after his real identity was revealed to heroine later. Heroine had her likable qualities as well but her passivity got to me. Her reasons for keeping the truth from him were not good enough to continue deceiving him.** There were some interesting twists in the book and the romance was fine. But the so-so characterization, average sexual chemistry & sex scenes, and the weak deception plot device left things to be desired.


Somewhat recommended.


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