REVIEW: Brazilian Boss, Virgin Housekeeper by Maggie Cox

24y.o heroine accepts 37y.o former photographer Hero's offer to be his housekeeper, after she decided to abandon all her links to her past.

He's been socially isolated and disinterested since his car accident 2 years ago but there's something about heroine that's drawing him out. She seems to understand his need for privacy yet tries to coax him out of his dark shell, not easily deterred by his sometimes caustic nature. An affair ensues but Hero is still withholding his darkest secrets from her and she doesn't know where she stands. Will she push him for more?


My 1st Cox book and it was ok. What made it different from other Hps(Harlequin Presents) I've read was how heavy the angst was in the beginning of the book. It pervaded the beginning and was a bit hard to take. The angst did abate as the book progressed. Unfortunately, it abated to the point that the story became mundane, predictable, and lacked excitement. The writing tended to be formal and didn't really grab my emotions overall. The characters were not the easiest to connect with either. I felt like I only knew the present part of them and there were holes about their past, especially heroine's.** Overall, the book was an interesting read but needed to keep a bit more drama to keep my interest to the end.


Modestly recommended.


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