REVIEW: Unintentional Virgin by A.J. Bennett

20y.o community-college student is desperate to rid herself of her virginity. She meets 25y.o dance-club bouncer Hero that night

and their mutual attraction means she'll finally achieve her goal. However, finding out she's a virgin made him decide that they needed 3 weeks of spending time together before they do the deed. This way she can still back out if she changed her mind about him. Their 3 weeks was more enjoyable than she expected, except for her not telling him that her bucket list that they've been following wasn't hers to begin with. How does he respond when he finds out about her deception? What future do they have together after their 3 weeks is up?


I didn't like this book. The characterization was inconsistent. It was emotionally bland. The ending was unbelievable and trite. I don't see a HEA(happy ever after) for Hero and heroine. I didn't even think the book was romantic. Hero was a likeable guy. Sweet, responsible, thoughtful, and loving. But he didn't match well with immature, aimless, self-centered, and spoiled heroine. He wanted romance and she just wanted to finally have sex. But sometimes she seemed to want more but she'd changed her mind on it. Sexual chemistry was average and the sex scenes were part laughable and part hot.** There were times when I laughed and I don't think it was meant to be funny. This book was a mishmash of some good and some bad and some very bad.


Minimally recommended.


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*A copy was provided by the published in exchange for an honest review.