REVIEW: Full Steam Ahead by Valerie Chase

Art-history college senior sets ground rules with her cruise-ship roommate & ex-boyfriend's frat brother, Hero.

She doesn't want to be a notch in his man-ho belt and she's too worried about being blackmailed to deal with his advances. No matter his attractiveness. Pre-med college senior Hero may think she's stuck-up but is likewise attracted to her. Spending time together allows them to see who the other really is, pushing them towards further intimacy. When Hero learns that heroine hasn't been as honest with him as he'd been with her, he shuts down. What can she do to earn his trust again?


A college romance with realistic characters. Hero and heroine began with their social pretenses but ended up doing a bit of growing up. Both of them shared family secrets that could get them rejected by their sorority and fraternity groups. Heroine had a bigger stake.** But both struggled alone with their secrets and was what initially drew them together romantically. It made their sexual chemistry stronger and made their sex scenes meaningful. The ending was a happy one but didn't give me a clear guarantee of their HEA(happy ever after).


Moderately recommended.


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*A copy was given by the author in exchange for an honest review.