REVIEW: Kiss of Fire by Charlotte Lamb

25y.o. film-director secretary feels very uncomfortable working with new novelist Hero, who was her deceased boyfriend's best friend.

His novel is loosely based on their previous love triangle and paints her in a very bad light. He's out for revenge and she understands his bitterness and tries to keep things professional only between them. But his goading and her still-strong feelings for him make it impossible. How can they reconcile their embroiled past to have another chance at love?


I don't like love triangles but I do like Lamb's writing. So I stuck with it knowing that there'll be some surprises and a HEA(happy ever after) ending. There's a secret affair heaped on a secret affair. A romance over another romance. There's cheating and some other surprises.** It may sound complicated but Lamb told it in a way that flowed and made sense. The question of “what happens next?” kept me on my toes. And the intense emotions between Hero and heroine kept my interest. I like heroine's character growth the most and the lack of satisfying closure for all their years of bitterness/resentment/guilt/blame/revenge, the least. Sexual chemistry was dynamic. Sex scenes were mostly generalized.


Moderately recommended.


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