Mama Drama made me turn to Booklikes!

As of yesterday, I had no clue Booklikes even existed. But for the drama, where I learned about Goodreads unofficial policy change sometime late last year, bullying commenters of low-raters on Amazon, and the petition signed by some authors to enforce the real identities of book reviewers on Amazon.


Gah! Too much. My eyes were wide open in shock at how craaazy all this is!  I've been living in my romance-reading & reviewing bubble and had no idea how rabid these authors are in blocking readers from giving their books low ratings (even 3-stars!). The ego of these people! And the hypocrisy. They can write under multiple pseudonyms but demand their readers show them their real identities.


These writers need to get a life! They need to get out of their heads & stop pretending they're dictators of Fictionland. These readers need to get a different life & stop worshipping at the altars of their fave authors just because they like their books. They're only writers, people! Not deities. Stop getting caught up in the fiction they're creating outside their books.