And Able

and Able  (Mercenary Trilogy, #3) - Lucy Monroe 28yo convalescent-home caregiver is under the protection of security-specialist Hero after she was almost smothered to death in her bed. Heroine doesn't know why someone would want to harm her given her low-key life but Hero is convinced it's linked to the sudden death of her former-assassin convalescent patient. Their time together ignites their long-held attraction to each other. Hero makes it clear though that he can never love her b/c he's honoring his promise to his late fiancé to never love again. Can an affair without love be enough for heroine?

This was my least favorite book of the 3 in the series. This one lacked the smooth writing & excitement build-up of the romance that Ready & Willing had. I wasn't as riveted by the characters and the romance. Hero spent most of the book still loving his deceased fiancé & that's what brought down the romance & sexual chemistry for me. Hero was very sexually attracted to heroine but he frequently mentioned how he can't love heroine ever b/c of his late fiancé. It would've been a pretty angsty book if heroine was more hurt by it. But she was more accepting of it than hurt or upset by Hero's still pining for his ex. The suspense-action was also lacking in its excitement b/c heroine was pretty blasé about all those threats to her life.

Recommended with some caution.