REVIEW: Marriage Made of Secrets by Maya Blake

Documentary photographer is finally giving up on her remote 5-year marriage to busy Italian businessman Hero.

Her last failed attempt to revive their marriage and almost losing their young daughter solidifies her plans to put an end to their marriage. In the meantime, Hero has now resolved to spend more time with their daughter due to almost losing her and frees up 6 weeks of his work schedule. Their rare time together gave heroine the opportunity to confront Hero of his neglect of her and their daughter. Hero tells her the big secrets he’s been withholding from her.** It scrapes at her deep wounds while it frees him to consider their marriage in a way he never has before. Can he convince her to give him a second chance?

My rating is mixed for this book. It’s my 1st Blake book so I don’t know how typical of her writing this book was. I loved how my emotions and attention were gripped at the very start of the book. The characters were simmering with their intense emotions and the heavy drama of their dying marriage. I was hooked. But the unveiling of Hero’s secrets dampened the emotional pull of the book for me. A big part was due to how his secrets affected his romance choices with heroine confused me.** I didn’t get it. And it made his past responses to heroine look even worse. It made it more evident that love wasn't his driving force for marrying her. The good news, though, is that he began to change and started becoming a loving and concerned husband and father. I would’ve liked to see him grovel but his genuine character improvement was good enough for me to believe that they might have a chance at a good and lasting marriage now.

Moderately recommended.

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