A Devious Desire (Romance S.)

A Devious Desire (Harlequin Presents, #1827) - Jacqueline Baird Massage therapist was hired to help with recovery of wealthy Greek Hero's mother who wanted her to keep her injury a secret from Hero. When she meets Hero, heroine is instantly attracted to him, despite thinking that he's arrogant & insensitive his mom's needs & having a niggling feeling that she knows him from somewhere. She eventually succumbs to their mutual attraction until she remembers his part in indirectly causing her BFF's death. She plots to make him pay for what he indirectly did to her friend but she has a change of heart when she realized on her wedding day that she may have misjudged him. But telling Hero the truth backfires on her.

Another fine Baird book. Romance, dialogue, sexual chemistry & love scenes kept the pace going. There were some funny moments, reflecting Hero & heroine's sense of humour. There were also some emotionally poignant stuff, which I like in my HPs(Harlequin Presents). The main characters had depth. I especially liked how heroine changed her mind about avenging her friend by making Hero's life hell when she had some major realizations about herself & Hero. It showcased her humility, honesty, & insight. Hero was also likeable b/c he was an alpha male who was loyal & kind to his loved ones & able to laugh at himself.