Bellini Bride (A Mediterranean Marriage) (Harlequin Presents)

Bellini Bride (A Mediterranean Marriage) (Harlequin Presents) - Michelle Reid Wealthy Italian businessman's mistress of 1 yr, who's infamous for being the woman in nude paintings of new artist, believes that her r/s with H is at an end. It's no secret that hero thinks she's not appropriate wife material for him b/c of his elite family & her scandalous reputation. But its a struggle for both of them b/c of the passion they feel for each other & heroine has been honest about her love for him. Their r/s is tested when her artist friend comes back in town & hero's mother increases the pressure for him to marry someone more suitable.

Loved this Reid book & I'm not a fan of some of her books. Reid wrote this book so well. Most of the emotions & tension between hero & heroine was shown nonverbally. I could feel the angst, the love, & the frustration they were feeling. Both characters were portrayed well too. Both hero & heroine were emotionally strong yet vulnerable at the same time. They didn't engage in soap-opera-type dramatic behaviors during their conflicts or with their secrets. They discussed their issues & assumptions & didn't play blame games. Their chemistry was sizzling & added to the intensity of their r/s. Although H & h came from different social backgrounds, they were equal partners in their r/s.

Enthusiastically recommended.