French Twist

French Twist - After her mentor’s sudden & recent demise, art-history professor becomes curator of French museum to exhibit the long-lost & valuable porcelain vases for the 1st time in public. Things don’t go as planned especially with the vases disappearing. Heroine is adamant about helping to look for the vases with security-specialist Hero, who keeps his real identity & past history a secret from her. The closer they get to the vases, the truth about Hero becomes more evident. Heroine has a major decision to make about their r/s. Unfortunately, other factors are involved in determining whether they have a future together.

Overall, this was a surprisingly good St Claire book. After reading the 1st 5 pages, I thought this book was going to be a yawner. I’m glad I continued reading on b/c it got much better. The action-suspense was exciting & not so predictable. Romance was sexy, intense, & well-developed. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were hot. It made for a fast read.

The main characters both had realistic & bigger-than-life elements. Heroine was smart & independent. I really liked her courage, practicality, & wisdom in moving on with her life instead of dropping everything in her life to wait for Hero’s questionable legal status to get absolved. She was no doormat. Hero was an alpha-male who used his talents for bad in the past but now determined to use it for better. I could feel his desire to do it right this time around. His attraction & love for heroine served to increase his motivation.

Highly recommended.