One Wrong Step

One Wrong Step - Laura Griffin Fugitive ex-husband of returning college-student heroine is found dead in her car & the FBI's presence makes it evident that his death was not accidental. Playboy journalist Hero, who shared an unforgettable kiss with heroine few years ago, offers his help & protection especially with the recent threats on heroine's life. Although heroine doesn't want to become just another notch on Hero's belt, she gives in to their strong mutual attraction to each other & doesn't tell Hero all her reasons for doing so. Heroine's secrets result in endangering her & others' lives & her r/s with Hero.

This was a fast-paced & stimulating Griffin book. It had a good romance & action-suspense balance. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were hot. Emotional feel of the book was upbeat overall. It surprised me b/c heroine had a rape history & I thought there'd be some heavy emotional moments about this. Griffin mentioned the rape trauma as part of heroine's history a few times but didn't linger on it. The rape issue was turned into heroine's moments of courage & survival versus her victimization. It was those very characteristics that made Hero notice her even before they met. The main focus of the book was on heroine's survival skills & courage, which weren't all that perfect since she deceived, stole, & lied to survive well.

What made this book not so great for me was the Hero. He was a big womanizer & there was just something about him that I didn't trust. He first kissed heroine when she was still married & he would've slept with her if she didn't stop him. Although I believed that he fell in love with heroine & suffered for it, I didn't buy that he loved her since they shared their 1st kiss. If he truly loved her, he would've contacted her when he found it she was divorced. Instead, he just kept on doing different women like usual. It wasn't until they met again & she continued resisting his seductive efforts that he became hooked on her.