Call Me Irresistible: A Novel

Call Me Irresistible - Susan Elizabeth Phillips 30yo heroine, who has traveled the world all her adult life thanks to her famous parents' financial support, is broke & in desperate need of a job now that her parents cut her off financially to encourage her to take adult responsibility. The problem is the residents of the small Texas town she's stranded in. They make getting & staying at a job very difficult for her b/c they blame her for causing the fiancé (who happens to be her BFF) of their beloved & "perfect" mayor to jilt him at the altar. Mayor Hero himself makes her life hell as well. Heroine seems to be the only one who sees beyond his perfection, which both irks & fascinates him. Their lives become more intertwined when a valuable prospective buyer of the town's old landfill sets his sights on heroine & heroine's presence seem to make the buyer more amenable to his buying decision.

This was a tightly-written & smoothly-paced Phillips' book. Books featuring lots of characters from the author's previous books either bore me or confuse me b/c the author assumes I remember who these characters were. But Phillips made these characters still very interesting & independent of my previous knowledge of them. The romance was good & not predictable. I like the progression of the main characters' r/s & the challenges they faced. Sexual chemistry was good. I can only describe the sex scenes as interesting. It was passionate b/c Hero & heroine were very attracted to each other. Yet it was also mechanical, showing that Hero's perfection issues extend to the bedroom. After the 1st sex scene, subsequent sex scenes became a measure of Hero's emotional vulnerability. Like I said, the sex scenes were interesting.

I really liked the heroine in this book. She knew, accepted, & worked on her weaknesses. She was strong, practical, & no-nonsense. I didn't like Hero that much. His perfection & people-pleasing made me suspicious of him. I do believe he fell in love with heroine but I think he has a longer way to go in terms of emotional health compared to heroine. I didn't like that Hero continued to act like an ultra-controlled, approval-seeking, & clueless guy with heroine until the end. More time/pages or groveling from Hero should've occurred to make his redemption better.