My Lord Stranger

My Lord Stranger - Eve Byron 28yo virgin heroine has not seen her husband since their wedding 12 years ago when he left to make his own fortune & look for his family of origin. They don't recognize each other when Hero finally comes home without any notice. Their reunion is full of bumps as they have to manage how to live together for the first time, fill in the gaps of each other's lives in their time apart, and figure out if they have a future together. Their r/s is tried even more so by the arrival of Hero's friend's seductive sister, who knows more than she should & uses it to separate Hero from heroine.

My 1st Byron book & I was impressed! Bryon's characters have depth. The romance is built on Hero & heroine's character development. Both characters were immature in all ways when they 1st got married at 17. Heroine grew out of her impulsive, manipulative & self-centered ways to be a patient, clever, & compassionate woman. Hero began as a teen who discounted the good in his life & looked for his identity & worth elsewhere. He came back as a humbled man with regrets about how he handled his past & who now embraces the good in his life. Byron showed his character change to be realistic, deeply-ingrained, & believable. In my opinion, Hero redeemed himself from his marital infidelity & selfish neglect of heroine during their time apart. I liked that heroine was strong & became level-headed as she grew up. Although some readers have a problem with her still being a virgin at 28, I didn't. Byron showed that 1.) heroine idealized Hero for years & was willing to wait for him 2.) heroine considered taking a lover but didn't b/c she wasn't attracted to any other man enough 3.) heroine was able to take care of her sexual needs herself.

This book was poignant & emotionally-involving. Dialogue was to the point & flowed well. I liked that book was written from both characters' POV. Sexual chemistry was good. Sex scenes were mildly detailed.

Highly recommended.