Maverick (Elite Ops, Book 2)

Maverick - Lora Leigh I usually find Lora Leigh's books fast-paced & riveting reading. This book was a real drag because it was so repetitive & the romance was unconvincing. I get that the heroine was traumatized by the rape & her father's betrayal of her personhood. But her main concern seemed to be how ugly she was. Her repeated angst about the rape was that she was told she was so ugly so the rapist didn't want to see her face. This theme got repeated over & over & over again. She just seemed pathetic. So when the hero & her friends were awed by her courage & survival instincts, I didn't get it. The hero saw something in the heroine that drew him to her but I ended the book still baffled by what it was. The heroine was so into herself that her romantic feelings toward the hero was unconvincing. The sexual scenes seemed more awkward & technical.

Waste of time.