Extreme Bachelor (Thrillseekers Anonymous, Book 2)

Extreme Bachelor - Julia London Would've given this book 4 stars b/c of the good writing, pacing, wit, & sensuality. BUT I didn't like the hero & heroine. Michael is portrayed as an externally confident but internally insecure guy who is supposedly so in love with Leah, remembers everything about her, and has thought about her everyday in their 5 years separation yet he flirts with & has sex with multiple women globally. Yeeeaah...Leah, on the otherhand, is portrayed as a vapid, shallow, & emotionally weak woman who uses denial to deal with her problems. Michael & Leah together are plain toxic! It seems like their relationship is built more on lust than deep, abiding love. I don't see them having a solid future together.

Read with caution: Good writing but unlikeable characters & unhealthy romance.