Eloquent Silence

Eloquent Silence (Candlelight Ecstasy, #49) - Sandra Brown Deaf-student teacher is hired by attractive soap-opera actor to become his daughter's private, live-in tutor. She has hard time resisting sexual offers of this non-committing hero who promised not to love again after his wife died.

Read this book the 1st time 15 yrs ago & liked it. Just re-read it & could not believe the glaring sexual harrassment behaviors at work here. Even though heroine tells hero clearly that his advances are unwelcomed b/c he hired her as her daughter's private tutor, hero responds by patting her butt & continues to come on to her. Heroine displays a typical 1980's heroine behavior of I-love-you-&-I-hate-you. It's amazing how our cultural perceptions of sexiness & sex at work places can change over the years.

Caution: sexual harrassment in work setting.