Last Chance (Last Chance Rescue Trilogy 2, Book 3)

Last Chance - Christy Reece Loner secret-ops rescue-worker has been on the run from her obssessive & abusive ex-lover, ever since she managed to run away from him after being his prisoner since she was 17. She falls in love with wealthy businessman Hero who reciprocates her feelings & has a secret military training. Heroine even has more secrets & Hero is intent on finding out why she's so distant & fearful despite of her kick-butt attitude & challenging career.

This Reece book had a great romance amidst its nonstop action-suspense. It was emotionally pulling & had good character development. Heroine's rape history & her use of sex as part of her secret-ops rescue efforts didn't distract from the romance. Alpha hero displayed such sensitivity & understanding of heroine's tortured past. It was heartwarming. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were good.