Lip Lock

Lip Lock - Susanna Carr Admin asst who has a penchant for fibbing her way to survive her frequent financial crises gets fired by hot company owner who returns her attraction after the company's blueprint is found on her desk. Due to being recently evicted & all her stuff being stolen, she sneaks into his hardly-used vacation house but is found out when Hero brings potential clients to stay in his house for the weekend so they both pretend to be engaged to ease the potentially embarrassing situation.

First half of this book was funny. Last half was predictable. Sexual chemistry was good but it was irritating when Hero & heroine failed to take advantage of sexually ripe moments...for no good or apparent reason. Both were willing & honest about their desire for each other and both had no qualms about restraining themselves for a casual affair so it didn't make sense that they wouldn't indulge in those times. When they finally have sex, it was towards the end & it wasn't enough given all the previous sexual hints & tension.

Recommended for humor but not for satisfying sensuality or emotional depth.