No Greater Love (Onyx)

No Greater Love - Katherine Kingsley Seamstress of cold but beautiful Lady Raven agrees to marry Lady Raven's estranged step-nephew to help him inherit his parent's home before he turns 30 & as a way out of her limited opportunities. Both fall in love with each other despite their nonconsummation of their marriage in beginning months due to assumptions they both had about each other. Meanwhile, they are both dealing with other consequences of Lady Raven's nefarious behaviors.

Kingsley's book had good romance & sensuality. What made this romance novel unique & refreshing was that the confessions of love occur by middle of the book. Their big misunderstandings were resolved & the romance blossomed further from there. It wasn't a very heavily emotional book but there's some angst. What irked me, though, and thought was very superfluous was heroine finding towards the end that she's from a royal family. It would've been better if her family/social status was left average or impoverished.