The Devil's Love

The Devil's Love - Julia London Wealthy merchant-captain's daughter has been regaled by stories about Hero's love & devotion to her by her dad since she was 9. She's eager to finally wed marquis Hero, who she has not seen in 12 yrs.. She is surprised & confused, however, upon realizing that he wasn't the devoted, love-struck man she expected. Instead, Hero is more resentful of having to marry her due to a contract he signed with her father years ago and suspects heroine was part of the scheme. Despite his suspicions & negative feelings, Hero becomes attracted to heroine's positive personality & physical beauty. Heroine is determined to pursue her love of him. But circumstances occur that tests their feelings & goals for each other.

This London book is excellent. I was overcome by how London weaved the emotions & character development in the story. Tears were running down my face. I loved how Hero & heroine were shown with their strengths & flaws. Although I am not a fan of infidelity in romance novels, London handled it well enough that it didn't taint the rest of the story for me. I wouldn't have minded if it was discussed in more detail by H & heroine BUT Hero's grovelling & overall forgiveness process by both was sufficient to cover it. Love scenes were steamy.

Unquestionably recommended. Don't miss this!