The Education of Mrs. Brimley

The Education of Mrs. Brimley - Donna MacMeans In order to escape her uncle's plans to marry her off for money, young teacher pretends to be a widow to teach at a privileged girls' school but finds out that she is required to teach the older girls about marital relations, which she knows nothing about. She agrees to pose as model for artist hero in return for sex education, which becomes more hands-on as it progresses.

The premise of the book was promising but I had problem with its pacing. There was something about the writing that didn't lend itself to a smooth, riveting read. The sexual chemistry had a stop-start cadence to it. There were some hot scenes followed by tepid ones. The sensual build-up wasn't consistent. The love scenes were just ok. Aside from the pacing & inconsistent sensuality, the characters were interesting. I liked that Hero & heroine didn't play hard-to-get & were basically honest with each other once they had some insight on their own emotions & desires.

Partially recommended.