Satisfaction Guaranteed (The Goddard Project, Book 1)

Satisfaction Guaranteed (Mercenary/Goddard Project, #6) - Lucy Monroe Average-looking government-agent office asst is chosen to play girlfriend of agent who she's had wild fantasies of for 2 yrs in order to track down nefarious dealings of reclusive villain . She is surprised that attractive Hero is now returning her attraction but is unsure if his sudden attraction towards her is part of how his job or if its more personal.

I usually enjoy Monroe's books but this book didn't have a good flow. I'm not really sure how to describe it but the romance, dialogue, & action sequence seemed disjointed & distracting. It made it hard to read in one sitting. The sexual chemistry was good as usual but overall sensuality was dampened down b/c of the aforementioned bad flow.

Cautiously recommended.