Take No Prisoners (Black Ops, Book 2)

Take No Prisoners - Cindy Gerard Vegas card dealer falls for attractive Hero who dates her to get info about her brother who's been acting as a mule for drugdealer who killed his sister 3 months prior. When Hero tells her his motives, she feels hurt & angry upon knowing about being used to get info but gets the upperhand when she realizes that she has the coveted diamonds & uses it to try to get her brother back. Usually-detached Hero, on the otherhand, finds himself feeling guilty & caring for heroine.

My 1st Gerard book. Most of 1st half was more action-focused. Romance didn't really develop until latter half of book. In 1st half, we see heroine struggling with the betrayal & how she deals with her brother being kidnapped. We just know that hero feels somewhat guilty but more focused on getting the villain. The latter half shows more of how Hero & heroine are dealing with their feelings for each other. Sexual chemistry was good.