Wife: Bought and Paid For (Wedlocked!)

Wife: Bought and Paid for - Jacqueline Baird Young virgin heroine is quickly attracted to wealthy & attractive Italian Hero who was drawn to her upon seeing a picture of her in a magazine & sees her as his perfect wife. When she overhears his motives for marrying her, she's hurt & decides to reject him by letting him think she has another BF. Four years later, she feels pressured to marry him as way of keeping her family estate, when she finds out Hero half owns it & realizes she still loves him but can't let him know for fear of being hurt & betrayed again.

Love books that evoke intense emotions like this one. It was a fast read. The romance was good. I liked how Hero & heroine were portrayed with strengths & flaws & how they wrestle with these 2 dimensions. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were good.

Highly recommended if looking for a short but good read.