Devil Takes a Bride

Devil Takes a Bride - Gaelen Foley Companion of elderly viscountess sends urgent letter to restless & profligate viscount Hero so that he'll visit his lonely & doting aunt. She thinks he's taking advantage of his aunt but she finds that she's misjudged him, as they spend time together. Both are instantly attracted to each other but she's cautious b/c she loved a nobleman before who rejected her love. In the meantime, Hero is looking to avenge his family's murderers.

Foley's books are sensual & romantic & this one is too. The romance was emotionally captivating & the action was well-paced. It was refreshing to have heroine & Hero not play hard to get like many other romance novels. They were both honest with each other & dealt with conflicts/issues in a mature way. Sexual chemistry & sex scenes were exciting.

Highly recommended.