Promise Me Tonight: A Weston Novel

Promise Me Tonight - Sara Lindsey Eldest daughter of loving family is persistent about marrying her older bro's BFF who she's been in love with since childhood. She seduces him in his room while he was drunk even though he's told her repeatedly he doesn't ever want to marry or love anybody due to his view that those he loves will die. After he realized what happened, Hero marries heroine speedily then leaves her right after to join the Navy. Heroine later finds out she's pregnant & goes back & forth about loving him & being hurt & wanting nothing to do with him even when hero comes back after baby is born & now willing to take the risk & love her & their child.

The 1st half of Lindsey's book was well-paced, passionate, & riveting. Although heroine was aggressive & persistent, she was still endearing b/c of her motivations. But the book became a messy and annoying read in the latter half of the book. Heroine became whiny & weepy. Even towards the end when heroine had profound realizations, her actions still fell back to weepy & immature & whiny. I was really disappointed at the lack (or even regressive?) character development of the heroine. This book would've been a 5-star if the heroine acted better.

Cautiously recommended.