Rumor Has It (Harlequin Blaze)

Rumor Has It (Harlequin Blaze, #118 ) - Cindi Myers Small-town highschool teacher wants to make true the sex rumors about herself & newly-returned Hero when they were back in high school. There is one condition & that their affair be purely a fling b/c she's leaving for Oxford in next few months.

This Myers' book was just blah for me. It started out ok with Hero & heroine showing how they had feelings for each other in high school & still do 10 years later. Then, the romance pretty much died out as they just had sex in different locations. The emotions that Hero & heroine seemed to have at the start of the book got pushed aside & wasn't expanded on as they went through their sexcapade. So, when they begin realizing they were really in love with each other & wanted more of a commitment, I was not convinced.

Slightly recommended for the interesting sex locations but not for the romance.