Shoot to Thrill (Berkley Sensation)

Shoot to Thrill - Nina Bruhns ER nurse, who suffers from panic attacks when in vehicles, has instant attraction with dangerous-looking Hero when she sees him at a speed-dating event. She willingly has sex with him even after she finds out he's impersonating somebody else & is really a Oxycotin-addicted former special Ops member who's resisting an ordered mission. Both get caught the day after & find themselves in Sudan where Hero must find & eliminate a terrorist leader.

My 1st Bruhns' book & I was hooked. Fast-paced action romance. Hot sexual chemistry & love scenes. I liked how Hero & hreoine are shown to be imperfect & how they managed their imperfections in times of crisis. It was a little too hard to believe, though, how heroine went from being a phobia-filled individual to a knife-wielding, Jeep-driving, cliff-climbing one. I guess you can say that her survival instincts kicked into high gear in such life-or-death situation.