Whisper No Lies (Black Ops, Book 3)

Whisper No Lies - Cindy Gerard Vegas casino employee is abducted by Indonesian mafia-type leader to be his sex-slave & is rescued by her on-off non-commital Special Ops lover who's realizing he cares for her. Due to heroine's need to help, both go back to scene-of-crime to rescue another abducted American girl who happens to be a General's daughter.

I was surprised I liked this Gerard book better than the previous book in the series, Take No Prisoners. I knew the heroine & Hero was sexually promiscuous based on the previous book so I wasn't expecting too much from this one. But Gerard developed their characters & romance in a way that was heartening & believable. Both Hero & heroine were challenged with their commitment issues due to life & death situations & managed them really well. I also liked how heroine's gutsiness wasn't overdone & balanced with her softer side. Hero as well was shown his vulnerabilities, which made his sexual promiscuity more understandable. Sexual chemistry & love scenes were steamy. Action part was fast-paced.