So In Love (The Highland Lords, Book 5)

So In Love - Karen Ranney Daughter of French aristocrat was in forced seclusion in a French convent as punishment from her father for getting pregnant out-of-wedlock. Her father also took her newborn away from her. Heroine becomes a governess in Scotland 9 yrs later, when Hero who offers her the job to tend to his daughter. Their passionate affair is reignited but both are tiptoeing around what happened in the past, fearful of the repercussions.

Oh, boy, did I cry buckets with this Ranney book. The drama & the writing pulled me into the story & characters. Character development was great. Love scenes were scorching & poignant. One thing that could've been improved, though, is the ending. I wish heroine discussed with Hero in an in-depth, fuller detail the pain & suffering she went through b/c of her love for him. Hero should have groveled a lot more.

Greatly recommended if you want a very poignant romance.