Show No Mercy (Black Ops, Book 1)

Show No Mercy - Cindy Gerard Spunky journalist heroine, who had some emotional trauma from being kidnapped in Argentina 9 months before, goes back to Argentina for requested assignment to interview wealthy but shady American mogul. Once again, she is rescued by tortured Hero who's trying to harden his heart against her in order to prevent further emotional loss. But heroine is very determined to make Hero care for her. Their relationship struggles are only heightened by the various assassination/kidnapping attempts on their lives.

I didn't enjoy this Gerard book compared to the next 2 in this series. My main beef is that heroine was clearly more in love with Hero. Hero was still suffering from trauma & loss of his tortured & murdered girlfriend. Heroine had this "I'll take whatever crumb he'll give me" approach that was really hiding her desperate need to be loved by him like the way he loved his deceased girlfriend. Although she was strong in many ways, she appeared a bit pathetic to me in the love department. I liked the action-suspense part. Love scenes were ok too.

Somewhat recommended.