In Scandal They Wed

In Scandal They Wed - Sophie Jordan Heroine takes on half-sister's illegitimate son as her own to keep her nephew from being adopted out since no one in her family wants him, fearing a scandal. She pretends to be a widow until her son's father's cousin visits her 4 yrs later & proposes marriage to help legitimize the boy & help them financially. But Hero doesn't tell her that part of his motive to marry so soon is due to his recently-inherited title, which demands he marry & produce an heir soon. Hero thinks she's still in love with his dead cousin while virgin heroine fears being caught in her lie once they consummate their marriage.

Disappointed in this Jordan book. It's missing some elements that I usually expect & get from her books like One Night With You & Wicked Sins of the Duke. It didn't engage my emotions or attention much. In fact, I was quite bored but not to the extent to skip pages. The story, characterization, & dialogue were tepid. They weren't bad...just predictable & ordinary. All this combined to make the sexual chemistry & love scenes ho-hum.

Slightly recommended.