Chance McCall (Harper Monograms)

Chance McCall (Harper Monograms) - Sharon Sala Neglected daughter of rancher has been in love with ranch's foreman since she was young but he doesn't want to commit to her b/c of the secrets of his past. When he gets amnesia, he goes back to his hometown to figure out what's kept him from committing to very-willing heroine.

This Sala book had a good premise & promising romance & sexual chemisty but it dragged on & on. This book would've been better if shortened by 100 pages. It didn't help that the female characters of the book were emotionally weak. They either committed suicide, attempted it, or thought about it as result of a crisis. The heroine also cried a lot. It became very annoying, reading about these pathetic female characters. Hero & his amnesia story redeemed this book.

Only partially recommended. A better Sala book is "Remember Me".