Breaking Point (Harlequin Presents)

Breaking Point (Harlequin Presents, #1433) - Emma Darcy Beautiful 23yo heroine is sick & tired of merely being her successful & busy husband's arm candy & sex partner & being shut out from the rest of his life. It only aggravates matters that his attractive PA gets his time, attention, & personal disclosure. Heroine gives him an ultimatum & Hero responds with much heat.

This Darcy book was full of emotion & drama. Quick read. Passionate sexual chemistry & love scenes. I found fault with both main characters. Heroine alternated between acting as a spoiled brat and a doormat at times. Hero acted like a selfish jerk at times. I'm still unsure about the rape scene. During the act, heroine liked Hero's being out of control, didn't say "no" to him, & basically just watched the whole act unfold. But later she accuses him of rape & it seemed like she said that to manipulate him. Despite the drama & questionable rape scene, I liked how Hero & heroine tried to resolve their differences even though it was as basic as communicating openly with each other. It seemed like a good start to a healthier second chance in their marriage. Not sure about the baby thing, though. Wish it were flushed out more.

Recommended with some limits.