Promised to a Sheik

Promised To A Sheik - Carla Cassidy Conservative heroine doesn't tell sheik Hero that she took over writing her identical-twin sister's letters to him over the years nor did she tell him her real identity when he shows up in person to propose marriage to her. When he finds out the truth 2 weeks after their wedding, their blissful marriage changes. Hero withdraws & chooses to stay angry with heroine. She sets out to seduce him but he's trying hard to resist.

This Cassidy book was an ok read. Romance, love scenes, dialogue, & plot were average. Nothing really exciting nor was it boring. One thing I didn't care for,, though, was heroine's reason for continuing to deceive Hero. It was selfish & weak. I understood why Hero was very upset & felt betrayed. She should've kissed the ground he walked on for forgiving her for her deceit.

Somewhat recommended.