Untraceable - Laura Griffin Private investigator fears that her client was killed by her abusive-cop husband but has no evidence & seeks help of detective she's been attracted to & who returns her it. But hero thinks she's in over her head with her case. As dead bodies turn up, both become more involved in the case that's more complicated than they thought & impacts their romantic relationship.

My 1st Griffin book & I liked it! Although this book was heavier on the action-suspense side, the romance was still good. Even the appearances of both main character's exes didn't detract from the romance. Sexual chemistry was good. Love scenes were not detailed but still captured their passion. The action-suspense part was engaging & not all too predictable. I usually find commitment-shy, independent, & gun-toting heroines annoying & cold but Griffin didn't strip off heroine's feminine or vulnerable side. WOnderful writing.