The Greek Tycoon's Revenge (The Greek Tycoons) (Harlequin Presents # 2266)

The Greek Tycoon's Revenge (The Greek Tycoons) (Harlequin Presents # 2266) - Jacqueline Baird Jewelry-designer fell in love with wealthy Greek Hero during her Greece vacation when she was 19. But he was called away on an emergency & that was the last she heard from him. Five years later, heroine sees him again & gives her virginity to him on their 1st date b/c she thought he shared her affections. He didn't contact her for 3 months, when he went away on business. During that time, she sees a magazine photo of him & his sometimes-mistress at a function the day after their lovemaking. The next time she sees him he's blackmailing her to be his mistress for 1 yr or else lose the new business she & her close friends own. Hero thinks that heroine & her mother conned her uncle when they 1st met in Greece 5 yrs earlier. Their affair becomes a struggle b/w mistaken assumptions & romantic feelings.

This was a good Baird book. Full of emotionality & sexual tension. The romance was good. Hero acted like a manipulative, judgmental jerk in the 1st 2/3 of book but redeemed himself toward the end. His apology was sincere & he gave a detailed explanation of the mistakes he made. Heroine was honest & had an endearing innocence about her. I understood why she didn't want to tell him her big secret, given his distrust of her & his rejection of her explanations about other issues. Unlike other Baird books, Hero & heroine had a full discussion about their Big Misunderstandings.