Best Man To Wed? (The Bride's Bouquet) (Harlequin Presents, No 1889)

Best Man to Wed? - Penny Jordan Heroine is heartbroken when her childhood "love" since age 12 marries someone else. But she is equally irritated at being mocked for it by Hero, who is her "love"s brother as well as her boss. After accidentally being put in one room with 1 bed together during their business trip, heroine is both shocked & swept away by her strong, sudden attraction to Hero & masks it by telling him that she's pretending he is her brother while they're making out. This challenges Hero to ensure that she knows it is him she's with the next time they're intimate & not his married brother.

This Jordan book pulled me in emotionally. It was a quick & enjoyable read. The sexual chemistry & love scenes were good. Dialogue & characters were well-written. Although I was put off by heroine constantly thinking about Hero's brother even after she & Hero became intimate, I understood why she did so & it fit well with the story. It was neat to see how heroine changed towards Hero & his brother. It was realistic & depicted her psychological maturation. Hero's distancing behaviors towards heroine also made sense, given his personality. And I'm a sucker for alpha Hero's with a longtime secret attraction for heroine. It made for a good, angsty read.