Whatever Reilly Wants... (Silhouette Desire)

Whatever Reilly Wants... (Three-Way Wager, Book 2) - Maureen Child Car-mechanic heroine has been friends with attractive Marine Hero for 2 yrs. She sets out to seduce him into losing a no-sex-for-90-days bet with his brothers as payback for him telling her he never thinks of her as a woman. It works so well that Hero can't get her out of his mind & loses the bet happily but tells her they're still just friends after their 1 night of sex. However, his plan backfires on him & heroine wants to make sure she's loved for who she is & not her seductive persona.

This was a cute romance. Child's writing pulled me in to care for the characters & a good ending for them. I liked the heroine's strong & independent personality mixed in with some emotional vulnerability. Hero was also likeable. Although he was a playboy, he didn't act like a jerk or played games. He had a good sense of humour & got right to the point. Sexual chemistry was good. Love scenes were ok.