The Italian's Forced Bride (Harlequin Presents)

The Italian's Forced Bride - Kate Walker After 6 months together, heroine leaves wealthy Hero b/c she thought he was having an affair with another woman. She writes him a letter a few weeks later about her need to discuss something important with him. When Hero finds out she's pregnant, he proposes marriage for the sake of the child even though he made it clear to her before that he didn't want to marry anyone. Heroine accepts his proposal but feels resentful that he's only marrying her for the sake of their unborn child. As tragedy strikes, both have to figure out what they truly want from each other.

Although Walker writes well, I didn't like this book b/c of its heroine. She was whiny, emotionally immature, & passive-aggressive. She wanted Hero to read her mind instead of verbalizing it. Her reason for leaving Hero could've been resolved so easily if she just confronted him with it. A few times I caught myself talking to the heroine while reading about her stupidity. She is definitly TSTL(too stupid to live)! She also kept doing the bipolar I-love-you-&-I-hate-you thing with hero. It made me confused, wondering what was going on with her until I realized it was just another sign of her psychological instability. It didn't help either that she appeared resentful of her unborn child when hero seemed to care for the child more than her. Hero wasn't that hot either. He was domineering & arrogant yet insecure. His reticence to tell heroine the truth about the other woman displayed his insecurity. Although I sympathized with him when heroine acted out, I don't understand why he would be in love with someone like her. This book got my emotions involved alright but not in a good way. It made me want to slap the heroine silly & tell her to grow up!

Read only if you want to read about a whiny, passive-aggressive heroine.