High Risk

High Risk - Sickly & desperate heroine approaches Hero who she has not seen since she left him 8 yrs ago after their brief affair. She wants his help in getting her son back from the welfare dept who deemed her too sick to care for him. So Hero gets her son back for her & moves them into his company's luxurious apt in order to help her recuperate & imiprove their living condition. But heroine continues to be reluctant about telling him that he fathered their son b/c she thinks he's still married to the girl who informed her they were engaged 8 yrs ago & she's fearful of the potential complications from confessing he has a son.

I was disappointed with this Darcy book. As usual, Darcy does a fine job with the writing, pacing, sexual chemistry, & emotional involvement. But I did not like the heroine. She was selfish & vengeful. The heroine did not inform the hero about her pregnancy b/c she felt hurt, betrayed, & angry with him. And she would not tell him he fathered their 7yo son until she was sure he loved her. Hero was annoying in his enabling of heroine's deceit & fears, not confronting her evasive answers to his paternity questions & employing people to watch heroine. There were too many stupid Big Misunderstandings, caused by heroine's undiscussed assumptions & vague communication. I felt sorry for their son who was the real victim of his mom's self-centeredness. I guess the welfare dept. was on the right track.

Caution: lots of stupid Big Misunderstandings & annoying heroine.