Not His Kind of Woman

Not His Kind of Woman - Roberta Leigh Business owner is shocked to find out that the boyfriend of her friend & temporary flatmate is her now-successful ex-husband. Hero left her 6 yrs ago after he made her choose b/w him & her parents. Both find that they have changed since their early marriage & that they're still attracted to each other. But Hero is still dating her friend who hopes to marry him.

Overall writing was good. Sexual chemistry, love scenes, emotional pull, & pacing were good also. My low rating is due to the 1-sided romance, heroine's regression, Hero's character, & cheating. Let me elaborate. The story progressed well, letting us see how the heroine was before, during, & after their marriage ended. Heroine showed emotional growth & gumption until she sees hero again. Then, things went downhill from there. Heroine became a doormat & chases Hero like she did before to the point that she actually has sex with him while her friend & Hero's girlfriend is in the area. Heroine easily forgives hero & takes him back. Their romance is one-sided with heroine clearly in love with hero. Heroine is the pursuer & hero condescends her with his favors. Even at the end, Hero doesn't seem as in love with her as she is with him. I don't even think Hero is "in love" with heroine. He desires her & feels flattered by her affections. But he didn't bother to look her up in the 6 years they were apart, had other affairs, & only thought about her when he was considering marrying her friend. He only made the decision to choose heroine over his girlfriend after their sexual encounter. Hero was self-serving, cheating user. He made her choose between her parents & himself, knowing that she valued helping her mother who suffered from severe depression. He used his girlfriend to make heroine jealous & cheated on her with heroine. HEA doubtful.

Read only if you're interested in romance where heroine chases after self-serving Hero.