Dangerous Alliance

Dangerous Alliance - Helen Bianchin Beauty-shop owner has been in love with her stepbrother as a teen but left & successfully avoided him since he rejected her 5 yrs ago. It was a shock to have him propose marriage when they see each other again but she agrees in order to please her dying mother's wish for them to be married. Although heroine succumbs to Hero's seduction, she otherwise acts defensively around him b/c she doesn't think he married her for love but to respect her mom's/his stepmom's wishes & for their social suitability.

This Bianchin book had good romance, sexual tension, love scenes, & pacing. It was emotionally-involving in its build-up of heroine's hidden emotions & thoughts about Hero but it failed to deliver a satisfying climax b/c heroine never fully revealed them to nor discussed them with Hero. Hero basically said it for her & then told her he loved her without much discussion about their issues with each other. Heroine simply accepted his I-love-you without challenging why he didn't make a good enough attempt to pursue earlier when he thought the time was right. He didn't call, email, or write her a letter to explain why he rejected her or to try to pursue her. He only contacted her when her mother was dying, which shows that he was too prideful or wasn't really that in love with heroine. Even at the end, heroine never reverted back to her younger or before-rejection carefree, relaxed self with Hero.

Partially recommended.